Healthy Holiday Travel Tips: Pretty Wellness TV, Episode 8

During my childhood Thanksgiving road trips, my sister and I built small forts in the backseat, hung Barbie dolls out the window, and made frequent snack stops. We typically sat in tons of traffic on our way to Chicago, so I also listened to my Michael Jackson, Madonna and Violent Femmes (yes, I had some awkward years) soundtracks over and over again while snacking on my secret stash of gummy cola bottles. In addition, we always whined for rest stop sweet treats. So, by the end of the eight-hour drive, our bodies would crash from all the carbs.

Now that I have a child, I often think about packing smart, so that whether we are traveling on the road or from airport to airport, we have healthy options available. All it takes is a few minutes of planning and a little space in your bag.

We are here to help you prepare with this week’s Wellness Wednesday episode.

Please share with us a comment or two about your silly childhood road trip memories.


Family Fitness at Home Tips: Pretty Wellness TV, Episode 5

We’re back with episode five of Pretty Wellness TV after a week of strep throat. We lounged around a lot indoors and then it got cold. So, we transitioned our workouts to indoor activities. Here, we share what we did and how we made fitness fun.

Please comment and let us know how you stay fit when cooped up inside your home.

Healthy Snacking on the Go: Pretty Wellness TV, Episode 4

It’s almost Wellness Wednesday. Kyle and I recorded this week’s Pretty Wellness Health Minute from the front seat of our parked car. It seemed appropriate to discuss healthy snacking for the busy family there. We give a few easy pointers to help eat clean rather than running for the closest vending machine or old-school drive-thru.