We launched Pretty Wellness to inspire busy individuals on how to make healthy living easy after my second cancer diagnosis. Dealing with a stage IV cancer diagnosis, I sought out role models who were thriving with cancer. Many survivors and studies showcased the importance of eating well, embracing mindful practices and keeping active. I immediately changed my lifestyle habits and was surprised that taking care of myself filled me with such positive energy. Not only did I feel fabulous when going through treatments, I arguably looked better than I did in my 20’s. I spent nearly two decades working in an intense industry and living a chaotic life. Had I known taking small steps to take care of myself would reap incredible personal and professional benefits, I would have made changes right away.

Pretty Wellness SMALL Steps

When making changes, you have to start somewhere and to do that, taking baby (albeit small) steps makes it manageable. So, after a few years of my own research, including a plant-based nutrition certification and four years connecting with thought leaders through this site, social media channels and corporate speaking engagements, I put together a formula to help others take small steps that stick. This formula is called S-M-A-L-L and the process is five-fold.

SMALL Steps Formula

S – Set goal(s) – think about small steps/goals
M – Mindful schedule
A – Add to your life
L – Let it go
L – Let someone know

My stage IV cancer transformed me and now it’s my passion to share my success story and messages to everyone. My mission is to inspire people to want to make a change even when their life is busy and full. I’ve created an interactive program using this formula to motivate people to make positive changes in their lives. Contact us to discuss this presentation for conferences, team-building retreats or employee resource events. The SMALL steps manuscript and workbook are in the works, as well.


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If you or a loved one was recently diagnosed with cancer, our short guide, “Happiness through Hardship” may help.

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