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After many decades of reading health and fitness magazines in an effort to look better, I turned my focus toward wellness. I took small steps, found simple resources and slowly but surely felt awesome. Now, it’s my life,  I embrace all facets of clean eating, active living (exercising for the body and mind) and non-toxic living


Discover Why You Don’t Need To Let Hardship Define You and Your Happiness Filled with heartfelt stories designed to light you up, Happiness Through Hardship – The Podcast provides you with inspirational stories of hope intended to bring happiness to your day while guiding you through life’s hardships. Thought-leaders, authors, health and wellness experts will

Media Highlights

Caryn Sullivan, founder of Pretty Wellness, author of “Happiness through Hardship” and 2x breast cancer survivor thriving with stage IV cancer loves to spread the word about how smalls steps can really improve health and happiness. Here are the places she’s been recently showcased: Media Highlights Reel TV Interviews The Dr. Oz Show: Caryn Sullivan