A Smile Experiment for the Holidays

No matter who you are, where you live or what your background is, this time of year tends to be chaotic for everyone. The days are jam packed with work meetings in an effort to get it all in before the holidays; social calendars are filled, often double booked on weekends for both kids and adults; and the shopping trips often create heightened traffic and chaos in our local communities. It’s hard to be zen because everyone is moving in different directions. So many Americans cite the holidays as the most stressful time of year. So, how can we really make this easier on ourselves? Last year, I showcased some of my favorite tips for de-stressing over the holiday season. This year, I want to keep it simple – just smile.

Healthy Veggie Pasta – How to Use a Spiralizer

I was a huge carb eater. I steered clear of Italian restaurants for years because I was afraid I wouldn’t have willpower when a huge, creamy and savory bowl of pasta was delivered to my seat. Now I love little Italian bistros because they often keep in store many fresh veggies and cook with extra virgin olive oil. In fact, one of my favorite local restaurants makes a special dish of sautéed zucchini pasta with veggies in garlic and oil for me.

All-Natural Beauty: DIY Deep Hair Conditioner

I’ve enjoyed playing with make-up and hair since I was a little girl. I still love beauty products, so made an event out of throwing out my old school cosmetics for new clean and green ones. Since I’ve changed my lifestyle to eliminate toxins, I’ve come to appreciate all the many organic and natural products with few ingredients. At first, I scrutinized ingredients myself, then looked to well-credentialed sources like the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. This is a fun adventure, but also can be time consuming and pricey. So, I set out to create some of my own. This short video demonstrates how to make a deep hair conditioner using only three ingredients.

All-Natural Beauty: DIY Deep Hair Conditioner

Have you ever created your own beauty products? If so, please share. If not, what is stopping you?

Natural Beauty Routine: Oil Pulling

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed oil pulling trending within health and wellness publications. Since I’m all about investigating healthy practices that promote a clean lifestyle, I figured I would look into it further. In this video, I discuss what oil pulling is and the presumed benefits of adding it to my natural beauty routine.

Natural Beauty Routine Oil Pulling
Natural Beauty Routine: Oil Pulling Quick Notes

Oil pulling is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic practice that involves swooshing oil in your mouth. Its antimicrobial properties are thought to promote mouth hygiene, as well as fight off bacteria, viruses and yeasts. While it’s been around for more than 3,000 years, there’s little medical research supporting this practice. Though some doctors and natural practitioners believe it’s a clean way to boost oral health with little harm.*

My Experience

I started out taking baby steps, using 1/2 tbsp. of coconut oil to swoosh in my mouth for only a few minutes. It took a few days to get used to the chunky oil settling between my teeth. Though, after 30 seconds, it liquified making it easier to swoosh. Once used to the oil pulling technique, it became super easy to add to my morning beauty regimen. Since I’m swooshing for 15-20 minutes, I now wake up and shower first, or do something that doesn’t entail talking for a few minutes. I then brush my teeth afterward and my mouth feels as clean as a fresh dentist polish. I’ve noticed my teeth look a little whiter too. As for the immunity boosting properties, I’ll keep you posted to see whether I get a cold this winter.

What is a part of your morning “get-ready” routine?

Sources: WebMD.com and CNN.com

*Though most publications I read didn’t show any harmful side effects, I suggest talking to your medical or natural practitioner before starting any new wellness practice.

DIY Non-Toxic “Green” Counter & Glass Cleaner Product, Pretty Wellness TV, Episode 12

When I first went “green” with household products, I researched a few days on the internet and then spent several hours at Whole Foods. I enjoyed sharing my adventures learning about the importance of using more natural ingredients with far less chemicals. However, I wish I would have stumbled upon this super quick and easy DIY non-toxic counter and glass cleaner product earlier. It takes a minute to make, uses only two ingredients and works on counters, glass and even produce.

Enjoy our new one-minute “How To” videos. This week, we demonstrate how easy it is to make a vinegar and water cleaning solution.

Let us know if you would make your own cleansers knowing it’s cheaper and easier than buying the pricey brands?