3 Ways to Clean Up Your Cosmetics

“The current system is failing consumers,” a quote today during the U.S. Senate committee meeting on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions about the cosmetics industry. Personal care products are being regulated under laws that haven’t been updated since 1938, so a number of advocacy groups and political leaders are working to change this through the Personal Care Products Safety Act. It doesn’t matter your socio-economic status, personal background or where you live in this country…you should care. Why? Because what you put on your body, goes into your bloodstream. Many toothpastes, shaving creams, lotions, shampoos, lipsticks, gel nail polish, hair straighteners and the list goes on…are filled with toxins. Our skin is our largest organ and we absorb all the chemicals into our bodies. Studies have shown that these toxins may include hormone disrupters that fuel cancers, agitate allergies and influence fertility. So, what can you do?

Green Beauty: Spring Clean Your Beauty Routine

Do you jump out of bed, brush your teeth, shower with shampoo, conditioner and then spray perfume throughout your hair? Let’s assume you use several products in the morning and throughout the day. What if these items contained a few toxic chemicals? Studies have found that cosmetics ingredients such as phthalate plastics, paraben preservatives and triclosan (a pesticide) are common pollutants in the human body. Many of these chemicals are potential hormone disrupters. Just like the food we put IN our body, the products we put ON them seep toxins into the blood stream. This is why after I was diagnosed with my second round of breast cancer, that I over-hauled my personal care regimen and cover green beauty on the blog. This morning, I spoke to Teresa Dufour on CT Style and shared a few tips.

Five Non-Toxic Green Beauty Products for Spring

Being a northern girl my whole life, spring excites me. After months of spending time indoors, swarms of people run, walk and laugh outside, just because there’s a warm breeze and clear blue sky. The new season ushers in bright clothing, less bulky shoes and new makeup. Now that I focus on living a healthy lifestyle, I limit the cosmetics I use. I’m also really careful with the ones I select, making sure they are clear of hormone disrupting chemicals. Studies have proven these toxins can lead to various diseases especially breast cancer. I also verify that the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database rates my selection of green beauty cosmetics low in toxicity. I still love to doll myself up and have found many non-toxic products that work well. Continuing this series, “What’s in My Bag Now,” here are my favorite non-toxic, green beauty picks for spring.

Healthy Gadget Girl: Five Easy Healthy Living Resources

If there was a coronation for Whole Foods royalty, I’d at least be on the court. When I started making small changes toward my healthy aka clean lifestyle journey, Whole Foods was my refuge. I knew that I could explore through its aisles and be safe from hazardous toxins. More importantly, Whole Foods was a castle of wholesome items and ingredients. I spent hours picking multi-colored new vegetables and had many conversations with employees about beauty product ingredients. Not only did I enjoy these research-filled shopping trips, but also used their venue as a gathering place to work or meet friends.

2015 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season is well under way. If you haven’t started shopping, there’s still time to buy online or run to the mall to beat the crowds and out-of-stock shelves. Knowing many parents start shopping first with kids in mind, we premiered our 2015 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide for Kids last week. Now, we’re releasing the grown-up version, the 2015 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide. As I mentioned in last year’s feature, since I’ve embraced an organic, low-toxin lifestyle, I always investigate and experiment with new products and services that focus on health and wellness. I’ve attended seminars, events, and researched the latest guides in search of unique gift ideas that won’t break the bank. Here are some of my favorite items that focus on wellness.

Six Non-Toxic Green Beauty Products for Fall

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved make-up and playing dress up. Even as a young adult, I was fortunate to sample different new products often because my roommate worked for a leading New York City beauty company. I even helped brainstorm color names for the next season’s glamorous lipsticks and nail polishes. Now that I focus on living a healthy lifestyle, I use products that are free of most chemicals ranging from household cleaners to personal care items. There’s a lot of media coverage on all the hormone disrupting chemicals in beauty products that can lead to various diseases, which is why I decided to change my habits and buy all-green beauty products. In doing this, I’ve found a few helpful healthy living resources to make investigating clean and green, non-toxic products easier. Continuing this series of my non-toxic green beauty picks for each season, “What’s in My Bag Now,” here are some of my favorite products this for fall.